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Is The Canmore Real Estate Market on the Rise?

February 14, 2017
Canmore Market Real Estate

Why, you might ask, do I end the title of this blog with a question mark? Recent history has shown that rising markets in Canmore homes have been short-lived. While prices certainly rebounded after the 2008 down-turn, subsequent upward movement from those levels was met with resistance. I remember the chatter around Canmore, going into the summer of 2013. It’s safe to say that sales were brisk. Listings would come to market, then trade, in fairly short order. If that property met the criteria of the buyer, that buyer tolerated the fact that the home was priced somewhat higher than a similar one which sold previously. Unfortunately, the mechanism which halted this market move was the Great Flood of 2013. An isolated… Read More»

5 Choice Reasons to Call the Peaks of Grassi & Quarry Pines Home in Canmore

November 2, 2016

Underrated, overlooked, yet the envy of any out-of-towner. Peaks of Grassi and Quarry Pines are two of Canmore’s best-kept neighbourhood secrets for planting roots. During their first stages of development in the 90’s, the town of Canmore encouraged local families to move from the downtown core to this quaint, family-friendly neighbourhood. Now, the area is home to CEOs, local business owners, families and vacation homeowners alike. The entire town of Canmore is undoubtedly an incredible community to purchase a primary home or vacation property. But this month, we’re choosing to single out Peaks of Grassi and Quarry Pines by sharing five reasons why you should consider calling this corner of our beloved mountain town your own. Proximity to Nature’s Glory…. Read More»

Welcome Fall & Announcing New Transitions for Canmore Real Estate Agent

October 6, 2016
canmore remax real estate changes

The larches are glowing, the evening light is fading sooner, and raking leaves has been added to our weekend to-do lists. Fall is in full swing and just like the changes we see in this remarkable season, we too are going through transitions at the office. As of September 29th, our real estate business is now under the REMAX brand at REMAX Alpine Realty. REMAX is a company that values face-to-face communications beyond the office, which is what you’ve come to know from myself and Rob over the years. This time of change pairs well with the transition we see in the real estate industry across Canada. Technology is integrated into our everyday lives, and digital innovation is reinventing the… Read More»

Join Us for the Bow Valley SPCA’s Masquerade in the Mountains

September 15, 2016
SPCA Canmore Masquerade Mountains Event

As dog owners, both Ann and I feel very strongly about this great cause in the Bow Valley. It’s a natural extension of the fact that we can’t even see a dog without stopping to talk to it! We love our pets and yours too! Every community not only needs people who love their animals but individuals and groups who put thought into action and support. All through their professional efforts, for the health and wellbeing of ALL animals in the community. We consider the SPCA an essential organization and are happy to support it in any way we can. See you there, paws to the floor, Rob Stevens

What You Need to Know About the Low Inventory Real Estate Market in Canmore

March 24, 2016

An uncertain economy, a weaker dollar and the average home teetering one million – all reasons to assume Canmorites would be fleeing the nest. So, why aren’t they? All it takes is a global event to up small town dismal status to the ultimate living destination. The 1988 Olympics was Canmore’s ticket to spark a much-needed population growth after the diminishing coal mining industry in the 70’s. Fast-forward thirty years and Canmore becomes one of Canada’s most desired places to live (thank you, tourism). And with great desire comes a great price tag. The average price of a single-family home** in Canmore now hovers the one million dollar mark (hello, Vancouver). Let’s toss in some serious economic uncertainty. You’d expect this high price tag to tumble and the number of available houses on the market… Read More»