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5 Choice Reasons to Call the Peaks of Grassi & Quarry Pines Home in Canmore

November 2, 2016

Underrated, overlooked, yet the envy of any out-of-towner. Peaks of Grassi and Quarry Pines are two of Canmore’s best-kept neighbourhood secrets for planting roots.

During their first stages of development in the 90’s, the town of Canmore encouraged local families to move from the downtown core to this quaint, family-friendly neighbourhood. Now, the area is home to CEOs, local business owners, families and vacation homeowners alike.

The entire town of Canmore is undoubtedly an incredible community to purchase a primary home or vacation property. But this month, we’re choosing to single out Peaks of Grassi and Quarry Pines by sharing five reasons why you should consider calling this corner of our beloved mountain town your own.

  1. Proximity to Nature’s Glory. Dog lovers, cyclists, those who love long forest walks, and even swimmers: this is your ideal playground. Settle down here, and beautiful coniferous forests and stunning mountain views will surround you. Never mind that you’re just a stone’s throw away from the Canmore Nordic Centre, Canmore’s biggest off-leash dog park, and our only outdoor summer swimming area. Bonus points? Many of the properties have a yard – your kids and Fido are sure to delight.
  1. A Better Bang for Your Buck. At a time where the average single family home in Canmore has reached an ultimate high, you’ll be giddy knowing your dollar can go much further by investing in this neighbourhood. Some of the town’s best-valued properties are found in this part of town. Cheers to more funds for excellent wine and ski trips.
  1. Gain a Garage. Most Canmorites long for a garage but they are difficult to find. In Peaks of Grassi, even the lower price point single-family homes may be equipped with a garage. Move here, and your gear and cars could have their own cozy home as well.
  1. Parkway Perks. Regardless of what you do for a living or where you do it, it’s easy to get to where you work thanks to the proximity and easy access to the Three Sisters Parkway. For the business traveller, head east for 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the Calgary International Airport (you get to skip the slower downtown traffic by connecting to the TransCanada Highway straight from the Parkway.) And head just 20 minutes west and you’re in Banff. Not a commuter? This neighbourhood provides peaceful separation from the downtown during peak times. Hear that? Us neither.
  1. Papa, Mama, Baby Bear & Goldilocks. We’re talking family-friendly and if that’s the clincher, add this reason to the “pro” side of your pros and cons list. This neighbourhood is peaceful and safe. It’s also home to a variety of housing choices – town homes, single-family homes, homes with legal suites, apartments, and even higher-end homes for the luxurious Canmore experience. It’s juuussst right.

We love the area and could share even more reasons to call it home. Connect with us, and we’ll be happy to take you through some of the properties on the market and show off this wonderful part of Canmore.

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